Christians and the power of God

Christians and the Power of God


The fact that God is powerful is obvious for many reasons. He is the creator of this world, has the ability to control the forces of nature, and heal the sick. This is just the beginning of a long list of things that God’s word points out. This is very important because Phil. 4:13 contains a message that all Christians must remember – “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”. Since God is the one that strengthens us and has such unlimited power, one would think that his servants would be accomplishing much for him. However, many Christians seem to be frustrated at the lack of progress of the Lord’s work today. The first century church was noted as a group that was “turning the world upside down”. Most would say this is not true of the church today. While we can point to religious division and other issues, I believe that relying on our own strength instead of God is the main cause of ineffective efforts for the Lord today!


This may be best demonstrated by Heb. 4:12. We have to allow God to strengthen us. This must include studying and understanding God’s word, one of the best examples of his power. . It can force us to look at ourselves and know who we really are and what we need to do to live for Christ. It can have the same impact on others if we share it with them. However, in many religious discussions I see today God’s word is never looked at as the source for an answer to the disagreements that arise. Sometimes I feel we save the bible for the “big issues” and try to settle the little ones by ourself. This especially happens when we feel we know alot about God’s word. We must do all we can to not fall into this trap.


Why is it so important to rely on the power of God. Because, as Heb. 2:14 points out, the devil is also very powerful. He has the power over death, something we do not want to have power over us. He also has the power to deceive and cause us to not rely on God if we let him. To not rely on God’s power or underestimate the power of Satan are both things that the Christian should avoid.


I hope this brief article will be of some benefit to you.


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