Garden Update – My first??? peach crop

DSC_0426 [1600x1200]DSC_0429 [1600x1200]DSC_0424 [1600x1200]Four years ago I decided to plant a couple of peach trees next to our small orchard to see if I would have any luck with them.  We had a few older peach trees that my parents called lemon peaches.  These were always very small and would have about as much pit as it did peach. Sometimes mama would make a few cans of pickled peaches out of them but it took a lot of effort.  These were always some of my dad’s favorites.  However, we had not make any lately because the worms tended to get into them.

The first couple of years they did not produce anything but I kept trimming them with the hope they would start to produce some. I guess technically I had a crop?? last year.  We got enough to can a quart and make one peach pie!  There were many more peaches but they started to rot and became the favorite source of food for the local junebug population.  I am learning that peach trees are a very high maintenance item if you want to get many peaches.

This year I was more fortunate.  The junebugs and rot did come back but I managed to get enough off of them to can 5 quarts and a pint, along with enough to make about three pies.  The accompanying pie picture was actually called a peach cream cheese cake, even though it was supposed to be made in a pie plate.  Pie or cake, it was still very good.

While 5 quarts and a pint may not seem to be a bunch for 2 trees,  it will be enough for us to enjoy an occasional peach pie this winter.  As I learn more how to keep the junebugs and disease away, maybe next year’s crop will be better.



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