Garden Update – Some things are out of our control


There has not been much to report on the garden front because of the weather.  We have had an extremely dry year so far this year.  Whenever there have been showers we seem to always be on the edge and only gotten a tenth or two here and there.  It has been discouraging but we have to learn to accept it as part of life.  I planted some late corn and beans along with peas earlier in the week in case the weather turns around.  So far I have only gotten a few zucchini out of our garden.

Thankfully my sister’s garden has done been doing a little better.  So far she has been providing things for us to eat and can up to this point. So far we have canned 15 quarts of pickles and 14 quarts of green beans.  The picture of the stove is of a pressure cooker full of green beans.  We have also gotten a few cabbage heads from her so we have made 3 quarts of refrigerator slaw.

There appear to be several wild blackberries on the farm so I may tackle them towards the end of the week.  This 90 plus degree weather is something I cannot take a lot of.

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One Response to Garden Update – Some things are out of our control

  1. Kathy Sumner says:

    We have wild blackberries to, but they are drying up also!

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