25 Pounds of Flour

For those of you that do not know me personally,  I enjoy eating.  So it was a blessing growing up to have a mother that was a good cook.  Mama is an old fashioned country cook.  While I have many “favorite” recipes, I guess nothing is better than the biscuits that my mother makes.

There were always some around because mama would make a batch every morning to along with gravy, homemade butter, and some type of pork product.  Although modern dieticians would probably not approve of this menu, it seems to have worked OK for me and the rest of my family.  I would usually finish the meal off with a biscuit with some butter and homemade jelly.  If we finished that batch in the morning she would sometimes make more depending on what the other meals of the day were. They tasted good cold so they might even be a between meal snack.  Growing up one of my cousins said that one of the best things about coming by our house was a chance to eat one of mama’s biscuits, even if it was cold.

Along with biscuits mama would do a lot of other baking, which is the reason for the title of my post.  because of the amount of baking mom did she would buy flour in a 25 lb. bag.  This was common for families out in the country because you ate most of your meals at home.  Of course lifestyles now lead to fewer meals at home and even less baking from scratch.  I think 5 lbs. is the biggest bag of flour you can even get at most stores.  I remember one of the last times mama bought a 25 lb. bag of flour.  The clerk’s eyes got real wide and she asked my mom what she was going to do with that much flour!  She was shocked that it was just part of her normal routine.

Breakfast these days consist mainly of hot and cold cereals,  but we still may have biscuits about once a week.  Mom still knows how to make them and they bring back a bunch of good memories.  While I do enjoy eating out,  It is hard to beat good old home cooking with some of mama’s biscuits.

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