Happy New Year – Cleaning up the potatoes??

As I begin the New Year firing the blog back up is one of my resolutions.  In doing this I am starting a new blog for my thought on religion.  I will to keep the “Dobyville Diary” focused more on family and rural living.  I feel this will be easier for me to manage my posts.  We will try it and see.

You may think there is not much to do about gardening on New Year’s day but there is always something to check on.  We have a few potatoes we had from my sister’s garden that we are using to set through the winter.  Eventually they will start to sprout out unless you keep them  in an extremely well climate controlled area.  Our basement does not fit the bill so I decided to check on them this morning.  Since they were starting to sprout I decided to take the time waiting for bowl games to start to break these sprouts off.  Otherwise the potatoes will become unusable.

Eventually we will have to do something with them before the spring.  In a couple of weeks I will probably have to clean them up again.  If there are several left we will probably cook them and put them in the freezer.  I know in the days were home preserving was more common some people would can the potatoes, but this was not a common thing.  Usually you take the frozen potatoes and brown them in a frying pan when you are ready to eat them.  While this may not sound as good as fresh potatoes, they seem to vanish quickly if we take them to a church or family meal.

Oh well, enough about gardening.  Have a happy New Year.  A link to my new religion blog is listed below



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