Latest Garden Update- Watermelons and Pumpkins

2014 Watermelons Pumpkin

One part of this year’s garden that was extremely blessed was our watermelon crop.  Although several did rot we wound up with about 100 watermelons.  I have eaten watermelon to the point that I am actually starting to get tired of it, something I would never have imagined when I was growing up.  We have given so many away it is starting to become a bit of a joke with the neighbors.

Watermelon is one of those crops that seems to be hit or miss.  Last year and the year before our watermelons did not do very well, one year being to wet and one year being too dry.  I have also heard that watermelons are very hard on the soil and need to be rotated around.  It definitely worked this year.  The picture is of the 2 largest watermelons we had, weighing 25 and 26 pounds respectfully.   A lot of our melons were a variety known as sugar babes.  They are very sweet but very small, a little larger than a grapefruit.

One final story I will share about watermelons concerns a patch that we planted when I was a child.  We had not had luck  growing them for a couple of years and I mentioned to my parents what I had heard about them being a crop that should not be planted in the same place.  My dad decided to sew a patch at the edge of one of our tobacco fields.  That year we had a bumper crop!  It also worked out that time for the afternoon break would always take place about the time we got to the watermelon patch.  A fresh watermelon in the middle of a hot summer afternoon is very refreshing.


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