A Good Man



It will be three weeks tomorrow since my dad passed away.  I have tried a couple of times to post my thoughts on this but it has not been easy.  In thinking back to all the thoughts that people shared during this time one word has stood out – good.  Good neighbor, good Christian, good worker, good provider, good husband and father, good friend: no matter what the relationship was that someone had with my father, they seemed to describe it as good.  This may seem quite simple but I do feel it is the appropriate way to remember daddy.  In his dealings with everyone he did his best to be fair and honest and the people that have been with us during this time our friends and family have indicated that he did that.

Above is my favorite picture of my dad so that is the reason I have added it to my post. I will add some of my favorite stories about dad as time goes on.

Thanks for everything daddy!

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One Response to A Good Man

  1. Gary, sorry I wasn’t able to make it to the funeral. You all were and continue to be in my prayers. I want to say, like everyone else, that Jack was such a good man.

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