My Dad’s Medical Condition

Today I have decided to write a post about my father’s recent medical condition. I felt it would be clearer than a Facebook post.

I little over 2 years ago my dad was diagnosed as having a carcinoid tumor in his lung. This type of tumor is slow growing and not treatable with radiation or chemo.
It was also extremely close to his heart so surgery was also ruled out. Due to his age at the time(84) it was determined to just monitor its progress over time. The tumor also would be known to cause some side effects over time.

Early last spring daddy’s right hip began to give him problems. Originally they were going to do a hip replacement but the tumor, his age, and a few other factors led to the decision that the surgery would be too risky. This left daddy with major mobility issues.

During the last year dad has not gotten out much. His only regular outings are going to church on Sunday mornings and a monthly trip to the barber shop. He has ridden down to the vegetable garden a few times to see if I am doing it right. He has been able to get around the house with a walker but does need some assistance.

Last Wednesday daddy developed a fever, apparently related to swelling of his legs due to inactivity. He then appeared to have a stomach virus that led to nausea and vomiting. Since then he has gotten gradually weaker and will be moved to the Hospice home in Dobson.

Thank you for reading this post. I felt it may answer questions I could not on Facebook.

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2 Responses to My Dad’s Medical Condition

  1. Gary…if there is anything I can do…please let me know…I am at home now myself and in the process of filing for disability…if you need someone to sit with mom or dad either..just let me know…I’ve walked the road your walking several years back with my parents and know what it’s like…I’m just down the road if you ever need me!

  2. Pat Gwyn says:

    It sounds like it has been quite a journey for your Dad. My prayers are with you. These things are never easy. I hope that everything goes as well as it can possibly go. God has it under control.

    Pat GWyn

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