Garden Update 7-7-14 – A need for patience

DSC_0211 [1600x1200] DSC_0212 [1600x1200] DSC_0220 [1600x1200]

Shown above are a couple of pictures from the garden taken during the last few days. It has been very dry so the garden has not done as well.  Last Thursday we finally got 1 1/2 inches of rain that helped out tremendously.  As you can see the watermelons are off to a good start.  We planted three different varieties: Charleston Grey, Crimson Sweet, and Sugar Babes.  Pictured are the Charleston Grey, which are the largest of the 3, then the Crimson Sweet(My favorite) and the Sugar Babes being the smallest.  I am hoping they turn out well.  Watermelons are not the easiest thing for us to grow and they have done done well the last couple of years.

I planted a couple of rows of crowder peas.  These always do well if we can get them before the deer.  It amazes me how they know how to wait until the night before I start to pick them to eat them.  I guess they just know when they are ripe also.

This year the okra is looking like it may do well.  Fortunately it is a little better in dry weather. I have gotten a couple of pods so far that it has several blooms on it.

Well, that is all for now.  Tommorow I plan to do an update on this year’s blackberry crop.



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