Garden Update for 6-9-14

Time for a garden update.  We finally got a shower yesterday.  It helped liven things up some but will still need more rain.  Hopefully we will get a few of the isolated showers that are being predicted for the rest of the week.  I tend to post pictures of the entire garden so I decided to be a little different a post a shot of each individual “crop”.  You can click on each image to see a larger picture.

DSC_0140 [1600x1200]Squash – Actually getting some blooms

DSC_0141 [1600x1200]Cabbage –  Cannot wait for some refrigerator slaw!!

DSC_0142 [1600x1200]Corn – the string is to keep the crows out

DSC_0143 [1600x1200]Green Beans on the left – Okra on the right

DSC_0144 [1600x1200]Cucumbers – Looks like we will be able to make some pickles

DSC_0145 [1600x1200]Watermelons are off to a good start

DSC_0146 [1600x1200]Tomatoes are holding up considering how dry it has been

DSC_0137 [1600x1200]Lettuce on the left – Pumpkins on the right

DSC_0148 [1600x1200]Potatoes are starting to bloom

DSC_0149 [1600x1200]Looks like the onions may do pretty well.


And now for a trip to the orchard

DSC_0150 [1600x1200]Blueberries are doing well so far

DSC_0154 [1600x1200]Apple were hurt by the frost but looks like we will have some.  The issue will be keeping the deer away.

DSC_0155 [1600x1200]I planted a couple of peach trees 3 years ago.  Last year there were some but the wet weather caused them to rot.  I am hoping for a better season this year.

DSC_0157 [1600x1200]Grapes are looking to be bountiful this year

DSC_0158 [1600x1200]The pasture is full of wild blackberries.  I hope they get to be a decent size this year.

Well, so much for today’s tour.  Have a great day.


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