Writing 101 Assignment – Day 4 – Loss

The subject for today’s writing 101 assignment is to start a 3 part story about a loss.  While not as emotional as the death of a family member, I decided to write about an event that happened about 3 years ago and how it affected my life.  It occurred in the spring of 2011.  One night a very violent storm moved through the area.  When my parents and I got up the next morning we found the following sight.

DSC_0124 [1600x1200]DSC_0132 [1600x1200]DSC_0128 [1600x1200]

Although the storm was not a tornado, it was strong enough to flatten our 40 year old tool shed.  The first emotion that went through our minds was relief that the storm had not damaged our house which was less than 100 yards away. Also to be thankful about was the fact that the damage to the contents of the building was minimal.  Although some timbers fell on the tractor we were able to repair it to a usable state in spite of some dents in the fender that remain to this day as a reminder.

Since that time there have been many severe storms throughout the US.  While our loss that day was no way comparable to the things suffered by others during this storm, it did help me to at least appreciate how quickly things that are totally out of our control can impact our lives.

The rest of this story is to be shared in posts later this month.  At that time I will share the rest of this story.

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