A Short Bio of Me – Writing 101

Hello World

This is my first post for the Writing 101 Blog Challenge for WordPress.  I hope it is not to egotistical but I decided to write a short biography to let other people know a little more about me.

I was born in Elkin, North Carolina in 1960.  I grew up on a small family farm with one older sister.  I call the area I live in Dobyville because I grew up around all of my dad’s family. He had 3 brothers and 2 sisters that lived on adjoining properties.  We raised cattle and tobacco on the farm, along with the yearly vegetable garden.  My dad also worked as a carpenter, first with my mother’s dad and then with a local contractor.

I went to Copeland elementary school about 2 miles from my house. I then went to Surry Central High School and North Carolina State University, earning a BS in Engineering Operations. After graduation I helped my dad for a few months to build my sister’s house.  I then worked at Techform. a thermoforming company in Mt. Airy, NC. as an engineering assistant.  That was followed by 25 years at Chatham Mfg. Company in Elkin, NC in various capacities.  I currently help take care of my parents, who are 86 and 85 respectively.

I am a life long sports fan, with my favorite sport being baseball.  My favorite teams are the Baltimore Orioles( loved watching Brooks Robinson playing 3rd base), the Carolina Panther, and all the teams of my beloved NC State Wolfpack( I graduated in 1982, one year before Coach V lead the miracle run to the NCAA men’s basketball championship).

I have been a Christian since age 19, with my relationship with God being the guiding force in my life.

My goal with my blog is to share various personal interests, including Christianity, Photography, Rural Living, and Family History.


Well, my 20 minute limit to write this post is done.  I hope this short bio gives you some idea of what I am about..

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