Cherry Picking Time

Cherry Tree Picked CherriesCanned CherriesTime for a garden, orchard update.  The first thing to ripen in the orchard is cherries.  We only have a couple of cherry trees and it is usually a challenge to get them before the birds. A couple of years ago someone I know recommended spraying unsweetened grape Kool-Aid on blueberries to keep the birds from eating them.  I thought I would try it on the cherry trees last year and it seemed to work.  We got most of the cherries and the birds did not eat them.  This year it worked for awhile but rained yesterday and I forgot to re-spray them.  This morning I got up and the birds had gotten most of the remaining cherries!  I did manage to scare them away long enough to get a few more and hopefully have enough for a cherry sonker!

My sister also has a few cherry trees and she has a different method to keep the birds away.  Along with her cherry trees she has some mulberry trees planted.  The birds will eat the mulberries and leave the cherries alone long enough for my sister to pick them.  Between my sister and me we are able to can or freeze enough to have a few cherry pies during the year.

Usually we freeze the cherries we harvest but as you can see from my picture this year we canned them.  My mom said her mother made cherry preserves we she was growing up.  That is one kind of preserves I do not think I have ever eaten.

I did get a picture of my mom seeding(Removing the seeds) from the cherries but it was not too good so I decided to leave it out of the post.  No matter how hard you try a few will be missed and make it into the pie.  Last year I managed to get a seed in two consecutive bites of pie.  Mom related the story of a lady she heard tell of growing up that would can the cherries without removing the seeds and would them use them to make pies.  She said her family could remove the seeds while they were eating the pie.  I did not mind a couple of seeds after hearing that story.  I guess people have different ways of going about any task.

So much for my latest agricultural post.  It has been dry so the garden is getting off to a slow start.  Hopefully I will have some more to share concerning that in a couple of weeks.

Have a great day!



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