Mid May Garden Post – The need for rain, not crows

Time for my latest garden update.  Happily I am doing it after a nice amount of rain this morning.  We have been in an area that has not received quite as much precipitation as other areas of the state.

Yesterday was planting day for pepper and tomatos, 12 pepper plants and 36 tomato plants.  This will be the last thing planted until peas later in the summer.  Also planted a few hills of pumpkins.   I tried pumpkins last year but did not have any luck with them.

Also had to replant some things that the crows decided to play with.  They pulled up some corn as well as some squash and cucumbers.  I did not know they would bother the last two.  I put up some aluminum pans to try and scare them off.

Our pasture is full of blackberry briers and they are starting to bloom.  I hope we will have several this year.  It is hard to beat a fresh blackberry “sonker” pie.

That’s it for now.  Hopefully the rain will give everything a good jump.  Will try to post a new update in a couple of weeks.

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