WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring

garden050414bee1  pollen


After a few weeks off I decided to add a post to the WordPress weekly photo challenge.  The topic this week is spring. For the past few years this has meant time to begin the family vegetable garden.  This year I am planning to do updates on the garden throughout the year.  This is a picture of the potatoes, cabbage and onions.  We have another section of land planted but right now it would be a picture of rows with nothing coming up as they have not been planted long enough.

Spring is also a time of life after being inside all winter.  Part of this is the return of the bees as they begin to pollinate the fruit trees on our farm.   I basically let the bees do their thing as long as they leave me alone.

As in all things, we have to take the good with the bad.  While the pollen is good for the crops, it is not good for sinuses or anyone that is trying to keep a clean car.  As an allergy sufferer I sympathize with all of the people dealing with swollen eyes and sinus headaches this time of year.  And basically no matter what color your car is most of the year,  none are immune from having a little bit of a yellow tint to them now.

Have a great day.



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