Garden update 2

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My latest update for all of you that like my garden posts.

The early garden is doing fair.  Onions and cabbage are growing very well.  I had to replant the lettuce.  It did not come up.  May have been some old seed.  The potatoes are starting to come through.

While last week’s frost did seem to get the edge of the apple and cherry blossoms, they appear to be coming out of it.  Time will tell.

Started on the large garden yesterday.  Planted yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, corn, and cucumbers.  This is the first year I can remember when we did not plant white half runner green beans.  This had always been mama and daddy’s favorite.  They did not like blue lakes at all.  The last couple of years we have planted the tenderette variety and have been pleased with them.  I am glad because stringing beans was not high on the fun things to do.  Breaking them is OK and I cannot tell a great difference in the taste.

Also got some rows ready for the tomato plants and okra.  Hopefully we will plant them in a couple of weeks.  If all goes well the next images may be a little more green than brown.

Have a great day!


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