Mrs. Brown’s English Class

The other day I saw one of my high school English teachers, Mrs. Linda Brown.  Since going through  her class was almost a rite of passage for most students at our high school, I decided to post some memories of the experience.

Mrs. Brown taught English and Drama. Most people had her for Senior English but I had her in my Junior year.  As an English teacher she stressed good grammar.  One slang phrase she emphasized not using was “you know”.  In fact, if I remember correctly there was an in class fine for using the term.  The money was saved and used at the end for something, but I do not remember what.  Some of my fellow alumni will have to help me with that.  A couple of times Mrs. Brown slipped and said the “magic words”;  this would bring joy to all of the class.

When most people think of her class there are 2 things that come to mind, the term paper and the notebook.  Mrs. Brown would take up and grade everyone’s notebook at the end of each quarter. Although I do not remember all of the grading criteria I know only so many misspelled words were allowed.  It also had to be legible for her to read and neat.  Many students actually kept 2 notebooks, one that they used in class and another one that they would turn in for grading.  I remember keeping my good notebook in a plastic bag to keep it clean.  Sometimes students would proofread each other’s notebooks before they were turned in.

The other thing people remember is the term paper they had to write.  I do not remember all of the requirements except it had to be a minimum of 1500 words and a certain amount of footnotes and documentation.  This experience taught me the meanings of ibid and op cit. The subject of my paper was the Sacco and Vanzetti murder trial.  I have to brag a little as this was the highlight of my high school career.  I made an “A” and still have the grade sheet to prove it.  She kept all the actual papers to make sure they did not reappear in later years.

My High School English Term Paper Grade Sheet.

My High School English Term Paper Grade Sheet.

If any of you have thoughts about Mrs. Brown’s class feel free to do so.  I also would like to here thoughts from others about that certain high school class that brings back memories.  May all of you have a blessed day.



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One Response to Mrs. Brown’s English Class

  1. I never really like English until my senior year when I had Mrs Brown. She was the hardest high school teacher I had…but also one that I respected. I had never like plays like Romeo and Juliet or McBeth…but she brought it to life in her class. OHHHH the notebook….she was famous for those. I carried my “good” notebook in a gift box to keep it clean and unbent. I can remember waiting to the last minute to catch up my good notebook…spent many a night up till 2 in the morning…trying to get it done…and getting writers cramp.

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