Whatever you do, don’t ask the preacher home for lunch!

When I was growing up, people in the church usually took turns asking the preacher home for lunch. However, sometimes this is not the best thing to do.  One story my mother often shares about when she was growing up was one Sunday when her or one of her sister’s was sick.  That day grandma stayed home with the sick child while grandpa went to church.  Grandma told him to not ask the preacher home because she did not have a lot prepared for lunch that day.  As you may have already guessed grandma was looking up the road waiting for grandpa to come home.  When she saw him coming the preacher’s truck was right behind!

Grandma hurried something together and everything went alright, but once the preacher left she had to ask why grandpa brought him home when she told him not to.  He said he was the last in line going out the door to shake hands and had to say something to be polite.  He figured surely someone else had already asked him since he was last in line and the preacher would turn him down.  I am not sure if there is a moral to this story.  Feel free to share one if you see it.


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