ACC Tournament Time

ACC Tournament Tickets

ACC Tournament Tickets

Yes, I have tickets to the ACC tournament for this evening.  I am going to watch the Wolfpack play Miami.  ACC basketball has always been big around here and the annual conference tournament has always been a highlight of the year, especially when only one team from the conference got to go to the NCAA tournament.  Last year I went to the tournament for the first time.  Expansion of the conference and online ticket sites have made it easier to get tickets for the first day.  I am going to close by listing some of my favorite memories from the tournament.  Have a great day and GO PACK!

1.  1974 Final – NCSU 103 Maryland 100 in overtime – Considered by most the greatest game in the history of the league!

2.  1983 Tournament –  The cardiac Pack begins their miracle run to their second NCAA Championship!  In honor of Coach V – Don’t ever give up

3.  1970 Final – NCSU 42  South Carolina 39 2OT –  The first tournament I really remember.  South Carolina was a big favorite going into the game.

4.  1997 Quarterfinals NCSU 66 Duke 60  Duke was the #1 seed that year.

5. 1987 Final NCSU 68 UNC 67 – The last time my beloved Pack won the tournament.  Vinny Del Negro was the MVP

6.  1995  – I will have to mention one memory that did not involve NCSU.  Wake Forest won the tournament that year and Randolph Childress put on a show.

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