Weekly Photo Challenge – Perspective

Image 1

  Image 1

This week the subject of the Photography challenge is Perspective.  After looking through my files I came across an image of the WWI memorial in my hometown of Dobson, North Carolina.  While the simple, granite plaque is very respectful as a memorial I feel it comes up a little short when you see the entire picture!

Full Image

Full Image

While the center of the memorial pays respect,  seeing all of the names brings the war to a more personal level.  As a side note I would like to mention that there are about the same number of names on the other side of the memorial.  While I have lived in this town for almost 54 years I had never really taken a close look at this monument a couple of years ago.  While I did not recognize any of the individual names I knew plenty of family names and had to wonder if they were ancestors of friends and schoolmates.  

My closing thought on this post concerns our perspective is sometimes thrown off by being too close to a  subject.  It seems like alot of the feedback about my pictures is that they are too cluttered and I need to get closer to what I am photographing.  While I guess it is true in a lot of cases,  I think we need to make sure we are far enough away to tell the whole story.  

See you next week when the new challenge comes out.



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