Weekly Photo Challenge – Treasure

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This week the Photo Challenge theme is treasure.  I had many thoughts on this but settled on the idea of a photo of —  PHOTOGRAPHS!!

I have always enjoyed photographs.  When I was growing up you still had to send film off and wait a week to get it back.  There was always an air of excitement opening the envelope to see how the pictures turned out.  There would be a few with fingers in the frame, some you had forgotten about shooting, and a few that would look better than expected.

I have also enjoyed seeing the work of other photographers.  Another part of my growing up years was reading the encyclopedia.  I claim this was the pre-online version of the internet.  We had a set of Compton encyclopedias and I would look through them for hours, mainly for the stories but also for the images, all in black and white.  Each year Compton’s sent out a yearbook, basically a volume of news stories from the previous year.  These had color images and I would read them to see what all I had not heard about on our three channels of TV.  I especially remember looking at the 1963 yearbook and the collection of images from the Kennedy assassination.  I was only three when it happened I do not remember it actually happening,  but those images helped me a few years later to understand what people were talking about.

In high school my art teacher was a photographer.  This lead to my first encounter with a darkroom and an appreciation of photography as an art form.  The black and white images of Ansel Adams in particular made me go out and look around at things a totally different way when I had my camera with me.  I would look at scenes I had walked passed every day and would start thinking what kind of image that would make!

While I enjoy photography as art, I guess the ones that mean the most are the old family photos.  The memories from times past have always been important to me and spending a few minutes browsing through the family photo album is the best way to rekindle them.  They have a way of filtering out the bad times and help you remember the things that are important and special.

So much for my Photo Challenge post for the week.  Until later, have a great day!

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