Snow Day Activity

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I hope all of you are safe at this time as this winter storm is causing so much trouble.  It finally snowed at our house yesterday.  This is the first significant snow we have received this year.  I know for some people 2 inches is not that much,  but it was enough to cover the ground,  which is enough for the people around here to sit up and take notice.

It has been enjoyable to see all the pictures that have been posted since yesterday of families getting out and enjoying the snowfall.  It is especially interesting to see the kids that are experiencing snow for the first time.  Also interesting have been the pictures and videos of some pets who were not sure what to do with this cold white stuff.  It was also nice to see that some people got enough to make snow cream.  That is one childhood memory I have not had the joy of trying for several years!

Not being quite as tolerant of the cold as I used to be, I decided to renew one of my old indoor traditions for cold weather.  I guess the picture at the top of this post gave it away.  That is the annual working of a jigsaw puzzle.  When I was growing up we would do several puzzles during a winter,  but these days about one per winter is the average.  For some reason they seem harder to put together.  It may be poorer vision, decreased mental capabilities, or the puzzle manufacturers are finding more difficult pictures to use.

If I remember correctly the biggest puzzles used  used to be about 500 pieces.  Like everything else they have decided to follow the “bigger is better” philosophy.  I remember the first 1000 piece puzzle we got.  It was disappointing when we figured out it was too big to fit on the table we usually used to put them together.  A new card table solved that problem.  I have seem some quite larger than that but am afraid that would require adding a larger room to the house to have a place for it.

One final thought about the snow is the sense of peace that comes with it.  The cars seem quieter as they pass by on the snow covered road,  and the general lack of activity has always been comforting to me.  It reminds me of one of my favorite bible verses,  Psalm 46:10 – He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”.  The fast pace of our current society sometimes has made it difficult to find time to be still.  For me this is time when I can consider this verse and the importance of it.  Hopefully you can find time to do this also.

That is all I have to share from a snowy Dobyville this afternoon.  Take care and have a great day.

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One Response to Snow Day Activity

  1. pattichulick56 says:

    You are right. There is something so peaceful about a fresh white snowfall. It clings to the trees, covers the ground and sometimes all you can hear is that gentle sound of the snow falling. There is not another experience like that, that I can think of.

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