Gary Doby – The Early Years

Me on I believe my 5th birthday.  Not a good scan but a cake is in the picture.

Me on I believe my 5th birthday. Not a good scan but a cake is in the picture.

As I tell stories about my family history I may accidentally telling something embarrassing about my relatives so I decided to tell a few of my exploits to protect myself. All of these are from my preschool years. I am sure after I started to school I new better than to do anything embarrassing. If I happen to think of any I will save them for a later post.

The first story I will share is the only one that I actually remember doing. At an early age it was apparent that I was artistic and expressed an interest in landscapes, especially mountains. Unfortunately I did not realize that walls were not the correct canvas for my expression. The good news is I chose pencil as my medium so it could be cleaned. Of course I had to do the cleaning. Disciplinary action of a more primitive era was also implemented.

I guess all parents have one story they have to tell when sharing the early actions of their kids. I am not sure how many times I heard this one but whenever a conversation headed in that direction I knew I would hear it again. It occurred when I was just beginning to walk well. We had company and I decided to walk from the living room to the kitchen. A few minutes my parents heard me laughing. Their thoughts were this cannot be good. Investigation revealed the follow scene. I was old enough to reach unto the edge of the kitchen table. Somehow I had managed to remove a pie setting on the table and set it in the floor, which amazed my parents. Then I discovered it was quite humorous to throw spoonfuls of pie into the air! Oh well, what will children think of next?

The final two incidents I am willing to share at this time I will call the lap stories. The first one happened while I was sitting in my mother’s lap one day at the sewing machine. While she was busy sewing I became bored and started playing with a table knife that was lying on the cabinet lid. Mom didn’t pay much attention until all of a sudden there was a loud crash. I had managed to remove the screws from the cabinet lid!

I also liked to ride in my dad’s lap when he was driving the tractor. No major mishaps but he says I liked to turn the switch off on occasion. I guess he looked tired and needed a rest!

That’s all the embarrassment I can take for right now. Have a blessed day!

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  1. pattichulick56 says:

    I enjoy reading about you and your family. Thank you for sharing.

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