Making choices

A few years ago I heard about an interviewer that asked people if they could teach their children one thing what would it be. Of course there were many different answers, but one stuck out to me. That was the father that said it would be how to make good choices. His reasoning was if they knew how to make choices everything else would work out.
Years ago people did not have the choices they do today. Henry Ford said you could buy whatever color Model T you wanted, as long as it was black! If you wanted a telephone; one phone company, one plan. How many TV channels. I had 3, 4 if you turned the antenna just right!
Today it is different. We have many more choices, especially when it comes to the things we chose to purchase. I thought about this one day when I was buying some popcorn. At the small country store I went to growing up there were 2 choices: a regular bag, or, for the times when I was more adventurous, a pan of Jiffy Pop. Today the choices seem endless; regular, kettle, microwave, house brand, Orville Redenbacher, no butter, light butter, regular butter, extra butter, clog your arteries in an instant butter!. There were a total of 33 options, for popcorn! Then, to get it out from between your teeth, you have to choose a type of dental floss! After making all those choices you go to checkout and the choices continue; debit or credit, paper or plastic.
Of course the father mentioned at the beginning of this post had much more serious choices on his mind. Family and career are just 2 of the decisions we make that affect how we live every day of our lives, I know we all have seen people whose lives have been miserable because of choices they made in these 2, or perhaps other. areas of their life.
So how do we make good decisions? I think we all would agree it is not based on some scientific formula. I think it could be defined as a process that takes place in conjunction with whatever the main goal is in our life. Money, fame, and power are the things we see many people striving for. However, I think we all have seen people make bad choices when these are the ultimate goal.
So what should the goal be? I am reminded of what Joshua said in Joshua 24:15, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. Serving the Lord was the thing that was most important to Joshua. I am sure that whenever Joshua had important decisions to make, one of the factors he considered was how it effected his service to God. I am sure we all know people that have made bad decisions by not thinking about how it impacted that aspect of their lives.
In closing out, I encourage everyone to keep this in mind when facing those life impacting decisions you will face going forward. If you agree with my thoughts on this subject, maybe you can use it to help a friend whose life is not going well because they made decisions based on a different goal for their life and they are asking what went wrong.
As always, thanks for taking the time to read this. Please give me any type of feedback as I try to determine what types of things to write about in future posts.

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One Response to Making choices

  1. Kathy Sumner says:

    You write very well. I so agree with you. No matter how big or little the decision is..I always pray about it first..when God gives’s a good decision…if I can’t have peace about it….it’s not a good decision!

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