A little more about “Dobyville”

I refer to the area I live in as Dobyville because most of my neighbors are family. The picture at the top of the page is from the family farm and I will use it to explain. The brick house on the extreme left is where I live with my parents. The white house to the extreme right is where my dad’s brother lived. Although they are hard to see in the picture, my dad’s brother and sister lived to the left and right of the barn you see, repectively. Behind the trees on the right is where my dad’s other brother lived. Next to that is the family homeplace where one of dad’s other sister lived. Unfortunately all my dad’s siblings have passed away but several of my cousins and there families live nearby. As you drive on the road by my house 10 of 13 houses are my relatives so to me it will always be Dobyville. Thanks for taking the time to read and may you have a wonderful day

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